Jeffrey Asher Released from Jail

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) – Convicted former Springfield police officer Jeffrey Asher is out of jail, but still remains in state custody.

Hampden County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Richard McCarthy says that Asher is now in “re-entry community custody,” which means that Asher is out of jail and can live at home, but has to work out a schedule with officials on when he will report daily and when he is going to leave the home.

He must also “stay away from any intoxicants” and is subject to random testing.

Asher was sentenced back in March to 18 months in jail for his beating of Melvin Jones III during a traffic stop in January 2010.

Asher could be released from state custody in as little as two months. McCarthy notes that Asher is eligible for parole in two months, and could wrap up his sentence in six months for “good time.”

If Asher violates any condition while on this “re-entry” program, he would return to jail, McCarthy says.

  • evelyn1933

    Sad to say….. But if it was a regular civilian … Trust and believe they would’ve still be in jail.. 99% of these springfield cops are corrupted… True story…and 1% are decent and go by the law!

  • dave629

    Welcome back to this side! You’ve been thougjt of and missed. Uhrah!

  • Mick

    Didn’t beat the scumbag enough. Just have to wait for someone from his own element to blow Jones away. That’s the only way to get rid of the dirtbags in Mass..

  • 06012011

    Now he can enjoy retired life as a bouncer at the Mardi Gras or Fat Cats

  • dee

    Oh what’s the matter? The tuff guy can due the crime but don’t have to do the time… That’s bullshit. There are a lot of us that have loved one in jail for doing a lesser crime, but oh yes I forgot he’s a cop so there is no time for him… He lives the GREAT LIFE at home with his family and screw the rest of us! MUST BE NICE!