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Mass. Court OKs Cellphone Searches

BOSTON (AP) — The highest court in Massachusetts has ruled that police do not necessarily need a search warrant to look at a list of cellphone calls made by someone who has been arrested.

The unanimous decision issued by the Supreme Judicial Court on Wednesday does not apply to other cellphone contents, including text messages and emails.

The case involved a drug dealer who was arrested in July 2011. Police found his cellphone number on a phone owned by a known drug user.

A district court judge ruled that police acted within their legal authority because police have long been allowed to search for evidence of a crime from the person and their belongings when they are booking someone at the police station. The high court agreed.

Privacy experts questioned the decision.

  • paulb62

    Big Brother will get you one way or another!

  • Tinker_Balls

    Oh Paris, you scream politics when in fact; our states Supreme Court is comprised of judges appointed by Former Governers Weld (R), Celluci (R) and current governor Patrick (D). If your point was valid the justices would not have voted UNANIMOUSLY. Read the article and stop always trying to pin blame on the people who had nothing to do with the outcome of their decision. Clearly this is a proactive approach to combat drug related crimes.