New Details on Hiring of Mass. Highway Official

BOSTON (AP) — The state is releasing more information about the 2007 hiring of Sheila Burgess, the former highway safety director who resigned last month amid reports that her personal driving record included multiple accidents and traffic violations.

Burgess’ 2007 job application lists the state’s current public safety secretary, Mary Beth Heffernan, and Democratic U.S. Rep. James McGovern of Worcester as the two people who referred her for the job.

A spokesman for Heffernan, who was an undersecretary at the time, said she had met Burgess and was familiar with her professional work.

Heffernan said in a statement Friday that Burgess’ record was collected during the screening process prior to her hiring, but that information was never turned over to the hiring manager.  Had it been, Heffernan said Burgess wouldn’t have been hired.