Utah Boy Brings Gun to School, Cites Newtown Fears


KEARNS, Utah (AP) — Authorities say a Utah sixth-grader caught with a gun at school told administrators he brought the weapon to defend himself in case of an attack similar to the mass shooting last week in Newtown, Conn.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that two classmates at West Kearns Elementary School reported the gun to a teacher toward the end of the school day Monday.

Granite School District spokesman Ben Horsley says the teacher “immediately apprehended the student,” and police responded shortly after.

Horsley tells KSL-TV that an unloaded gun and ammunition were found in the 11-year-old’s backpack. Authorities have not released the child’s name.

Horsley says school police are investing reports that the boy pointed the gun at another child’s head. He says such accounts haven’t been confirmed.

Authorities say no one was injured.

  • alpinequeen

    And the responsible, gun owning parents are where?

  • Dani1415

    And the other half of society is stupid for thinking gun control is the answer to all the problems. Because of both sides, someday we will have no privacy and be invaded and searched just walking down the street or leaving the house for work every morning getting pulled over for being “suspicious”. We won’t be able to dig in our pockets for change at a store without a cop or Obama’s minions assuming were going to harm someone with a weapon. Sad sad sad – and we have made it that way and are letting it get worse by the hour

  • anonymous777

    Because the westboro baptist church are a bunch of loosers who think this was an act of god and they will just add insult to all the grieving families.but anonymous is watching..

  • anonymous777

    They plan to troll the vigils praising god for the glory of his work in executing judgement..(sick)!!