Mass. Sisters Collecting Teddy Bears for Newtown

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LYNNFIELD, Mass. (NNS) – Two sisters are trying to bring some cuddly comfort to the children of Newtown.

Emily and Elizabeth Donnellan are teachers at a martial arts academy in Lynnfield and they have a mission.

They are collecting Teddy Bears for Newtown and are trying to get a lot of them.

“I just tried to think of what would comfort a community you know in such a time of tragedy, and everybody loves teddy bears,” says Emily Donnellan.

Just a few days after they started a Facebook page for the project, bears started flowing in from all over the country and even Canada.

Emily adds, “There’s gonna be a lot of kids having a lot of nightmares for a long time, and I think the teddy bears, if they can bring even a little bit of happiness in a really sad situation to those kids, it will be amazing.”

Once done, the pair will drive them down to Fairfield County. “We got a van donated, and I I’m gonna stuff as many in that van as I can,” she says.

They will be accepting donations until Friday. Visit their Facebook page for more information.