Three Officers Hurt in Shooting at NJ Police Station

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GLOUCESTER TOWNSHIP, N.J. (AP) — Three Philadelphia-area police officers who were shot inside a police station today are expected to recover.

Police say a man who had been arrested for allegedly stalking an ex-girlfriend overpowered an officer inside the station when his handcuffs were removed during the booking process.

They say the suspect, Eddie Jones, grabbed the officer’s gun and shot her, and then shot two other officers who had been in a nearby room and rushed in to help their colleague.

Those two officers fired at Jones, killing him.

One of the police officers was shot multiple times and underwent emergency surgery for a gunshot wound to the abdomen. His life was saved by a bulletproof vest. The other two officers suffered minor injuries.

The shooting took place in New Jersey’s Gloucester Township, a suburb of Philadelphia.

  • alpinequeen

    We need to post armed guards at all police stations.

  • Mjmedina

    LOL! Alpine & Todd you guys are funny, but honestly thats a good idea everytime theres a shootin ban guns in that place & po ay armed guards.LMAO (EVERY1 ELSE THINKS IT THE BEST THING 2 DO).

  • Tinker_Balls

    One less scum bag in the world. This time it was a shooting in a place where ppl can actually shoot back. Chock one up for the “good guys”. I wish the officers a speedy recovery.