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Adult Learner’s Permit to be Required in Conn.

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HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — New adult drivers in Connecticut soon will need a learner’s permit before taking the road test for a driver’s license.

The three-month permit will be mandatory for drivers 18 and older as of Wednesday.

The new law ends a 106-year practice of not requiring adult drivers in Connecticut to complete a training period before getting a driver’s license.

Applicants will receive an adult learner permit after passing a 25-question knowledge test and a vision test. They will also have to take an eight-hour safe driving practices course, which costs $125.

Department of Motor Vehicles Commissioner Melody Currey said cars are more sophisticated today and traveling roads can be more dangerous for inexperienced drivers.

DMV expects more than 30,000 adult drivers each year will be affected.

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  • Tinker_Balls

    Brace urself CT, wait until the state learns how much revenue ANNUAL safety and emissions inspections bring in. It’s $29./yr. here in MA per vehicle.