Two People Arrested after Firing Multiple Gunshots in Springfield


SPRINGFIELD (WGGB) — Two people sit in a Springfield jail this morning, after firing multiple gunshots last night.

Springfield police say the shots rang out on the corner of Union and Oak Street a little after 1:30 am. Witnesses say three suspects were shooting multiple rounds at a streetlight. Thankfully, no one is believed to have been struck or injured.

Police later found and arrested two of the three suspects. 21-year-old Keeyo Jones, and 21-year-old Shawanees Robinson are facing multiple weapons violations, including carrying a firearm without a license. Police will continue to investigate.

  • anonymous777

    Guess they didnt read the article about the shot spotters lol!

    • alpinequeen

      Sort of like the shots heard ’round Springfield.

  • shawnm

    @anonymous777 you’re about as funny as you are smart. Not very.

  • alpinequeen

    Don’t they know they’re supposed to use BB guns for shooting at street lights?

  • Mjmedina

    They didnt wanna be seen standing in a street corner, BUT THEY WHERE HEARD! LOL

  • chance68

    Gun charges should put these rejects away for a long while. I’d love to know how these cases turn out.