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Biden Feels “Very Good” About Fiscal Cliff Deal

BIDENWASHINGTON, D.C. (ABC) – Vice President Joe Biden emerged after meeting with Senate Democrats for over an hour this evening declaring that he feels “very, very good” about the prospects of the deal being passed in the Senate tonight.

“I feel really very, very good about this vote,” Biden told reporters leaving the meeting with Senate Democrats, “but having been in the Senate for as long as I have there’s two things you shouldn’t do, you shouldn’t predict how the Senate is going to vote before they vote. You won’t make a lot of money and number two, you surely shouldn’t predict about how the House is going to vote.” But all that said, Biden predicted that Democrats will get a ‘very good vote tonight.” Asked what the difference was in the negotiations? “Me,” Biden said with a smile before departing and wishing all a Happy New Year.

As Senate Democrats filtered out of the meeting, some admitted that there was some unease but many said that for the sake of not going over the cliff they’d vote for the deal.