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Harvard Hosting Gun Violence Talk

HarvardBOSTON (AP) — Harvard University is hosting a discussion on gun violence as a public health crisis after a gunman killed his mother before he gunned down 20 children and six educators at a Connecticut elementary school.

The Harvard School of Public Health forum comes after the Dec. 14 killings in Newtown that ended when the assailant committed suicide as police arrived.

The rampage prompted President Barack Obama to form a team tasked with coming up with “concrete proposals” to curb gun violence.

Organizers of the Harvard discussion say the U.S. witnessed an alarming string of mass shootings last year.

Tuesday’s discussion will investigate the legal, political and public health factors that could influence future efforts to prevent such massacres.

Participants will include constitutional law, health policy, child psychiatry and public policy experts.

  • dave629

    We never hear of “knife violence”, “motor vehicle homocide violence”, “hammer” violence, etc. Apparently, people commit any those attrocities. “Gun violence” is always committed by guns and not the triggerman. Try using your brain. Don’t act like sheep.

  • Samuel

    Harvard is steadily losing its credibility. Ever since the ‘beer summit’ with Barry…now this?! It’s ‘fear mongering’ people.
    I thought they were an institution of higher learning. It’s a shame that my family supported this place with what I’ve seen lately.