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NH Chiefs’ Gun Raffle to Include Semiautomatics

gunsNEWPORT, N.H. (AP) — The New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police plans to give away 31 firearms, including several semi-automatic weapons, in a raffle to raise money for a youth training academy.

The Valley News in West Lebanon, N.H., reports that the raffle is planned for this May. It says the chiefs’ association is selling 1,000 tickets for $30 each to anyone 18 or older hoping to win some the most popular New Hampshire-made sporting firearms.

The raffle is planned as a national debate heats up over whether to restrict citizens’ access to firearms, especially semi-automatic weapons commonly used in mass shootings, following the Dec. 14 school shootings in Connecticut.

A state legislator, Democratic Rep. Sharon Nordgren of Hanover, says the gun raffle shows insensitivity as the country tries to grapple with the issue.

  • alpinequeen

    Responsible gun owners see nothing wrong with guns.

  • dave629

    Sharon Nordgren sounds more concerned with her own feelings than anything else. Take a pill. Geeesh.

  • dave629

    Erin Moran – what issue exactly are you refering to that requires “grappling”?