Springfield Police Identify Monmouth Street Murder Victim


SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) — Police have identified the second homicide victim of 2013 as 42-year-old Jimmie Acevedo of Springfield. 

Police say they got the call just before 6:00 a.m. for a call of shots fired and an activation from “ShotSpotter” on Monmouth Street, which is located in Springfield’s Bay neighborhood.

When officers arrived, they found Acevedo suffering from gun shot wounds.

Springfield Police Sgt. John Delaney says he was rushed to Baystate Medical Center where he died a short time later.

Two suspects, Delaney adds, were seen fleeing the scene on foot and investigators are still searching for those people.

If anyone has any information, you are urged to call Springfield Police at (413) 787-6355 or ‘Text-A-Tip.’ Send your message to CRIMES (274637) and in the message, type SOLVE and your tip.

ABC40 will have the latest on-air and online as it becomes available.

  • chance68

    Penalties are not stiff enough. We don’t need more gun control we need 20 year minimum sentences for even carrying a gun w/o a licence . The death penalty for anyone who kills someone with an illegal gun. And 50 years for any home invasion or armed robbery. Even monkeys will think twice about carrying guns.

  • paulb62

    Gee I bet it was gang related/ drugs. That area is a haven for drugs and gangs

  • medic3

    We need more strict gun laws along with serious consequences for violating them. Not just a slap on the wrist. We need more police officers. And the deceased may have been someone’s family member but where was that family when he was growing up? The reason 98% of all gang members join gangs is because they DON’T have a family that gives a damn about them to start with. The gang, gives them a sense of family, commeradery. The gang activity gives them a means of survival on the streets because survival at home wasn’t much of an option either. One of the best reads ever is a book written by a sociology major who went under cover in a gang for 2 years. “Gang Leader for a Day”. I’m not supporting gang behavior. But in order to change a behavior in society we have to understand it. Any young life lost is a tragedy. And most Americans use sarcasm to process it because it doesn’t make sense.

  • FuKdRepUBLicAnZ

    U cnt take awayyyyyy da street guns. Only da republicannnzzzzzz

  • FuKdRepUBLicAnZ

    Y not get rid of others cmmnts?

  • FuKdRepUBLicAnZ

    Hes my brother.

  • paratrooper82

    Bottom line is criminals don’t care about the time they get for a crime that’s why their criminals

  • bugzy12

    Agree @ paratooper82 ! They don’t care they do the time and come out to do it all over again…. And no matter how many police officers we have the crime will never end.

  • a.villa

    How sad it is that another life is lost to the streets of Springfield,we dont need new vun law and we definitely dont need ignorant comments from people that dont know how it feels to loose a love one,whether its gangs,drugs or mistaken identity,no one deserves to get killed,this was someone’s son,father or friend. People the only one that can make a difference in these streets is JESUS,No cops no army can make the difference in these streets,only the word and love of God can change these streets, RWC located at 30 Bowdion St.Spfld,Ma is making the difference,Youths,marriages,lifes are being changed here,there is a powerful man of God making a difference to Spfld,your life will never be the same once you enter those doors. If God is with you who can be against you,God bless all and to the family of the man that his life was cut short,may God have mercy on judgement day.