New ATMs Dispensing $1 and $5 Bills

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(CNN) — The days of being forced to withdraw 20 bucks from an ATM are coming to an end for some customers.

ATMs capable of dispensing one and five dollar bills are popping up across the country.

Chase and PNC are rolling out the new machines that hand out exact change down to the dollar and may soon dispense coins.

The new ATMs are free for customers.

Out-of-network fees apply to non-customers.

  • paulb62

    More banks should follow this. The reason banks only have $20′s in ATMs is less currency to deal with and just makes life easier for bank employees when filling ATMs.
    ATMs used to have $5, $10, and $20, then someone got a brainstorm just put $20 bills in and make it easy to fill and keep track of currency