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State Relaunches Woodstove Exchange Program

WOOD STOVEThe wood stove change-out program is back.

This afternoon in West Springfield , state officials announced a new round of funding.

First introduced back in December with an initial budget of 100-thousand dollars –  it proved to be so popular — the money ran out in just 12 days.

Residents who replace their old wood stove with a new, e-p-a approved model are eligible for up to 2-thousand dollars from the state.

“We were pleasantly surprised at how quickly and how popular it was,” said Mass Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Ken Kimmell.  “So we decided to – it was obviously a successful program – we decided to not only continue it but to substantially increase the amount of money we put into it.”

For this second round of the wood stove exchange program, the state has allocated 800-thousand dollars, with 300-thousand available immediately to those who qualify.