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Suspect Arrested, Two Sought Following Store Break-In on Avocado Street


SPRINGFIELD Mass. (WGGB) — One man is behind bars after police say he and two cohorts tried to break into a Springfield grocery store.

Police say that officers responded to Sweet Life Foods Company on Avocado St around 1:00 a.m. Friday after their alarm went off.

When they arrived, officers saw three men running from the store down the Connecticut River Bikeway and began to give chase.

Capt. Larry Brown said that officers were able to easily catch up Miguel Rivera, 36, because he was holding an illuminated flashlight. Police also say Rivera was removing articles of clothing while running.

Officers arrested Rivera, who has been charged with one count of breaking and entering in the nighttime to commit a felony and a default warrant for breaking and entering.

The search is ongoing for the other two suspects. The case remains under investigaton.


  • alpinequeen

    A flashlight and a trail of bread crumbs? Really?

  • my3boys

    Y the hell wouldn’t u drop the flashlight, lmao nothing like saying hey I’m going this way glad he got caught now the other 2 need to!! Lately news is about robberies people are getting desperate really get a job!!