Female Veteran Happy that Women Will Be Allowed to Serve in Combat

Women Combat 2SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) — A big announcement from the Department of Defense Today.

Defense Secretary Leon Paneta will officially lift the ban on women in combat tomorrow.

We talked to Kathleen Wood, a former Air Force Reserve member who retired this past April.

She says she saw a lot of change in her nearly 37-years in the service and thinks this is the right time for the ban to be lifted.

“There was a time when there were no female pilots at our base, and now there’s several. It has evolved. Women can do their part and I am happy,” Wood says.

In opening the infantry, the Pentagon has left itself some wiggle room.

Military officials will have time to assess each job and unit, to see if it’s feasible and how fast women could be integrated.


  • paratrooper82

    That’s disrespect to all of us infantry combat soldiers Women shouldn’t be in the infantry…………..