Mass. Budget Proposal Plays to Mixed Reviews

Mass-MoneyBOSTON (AP) — Gov. Deval Patrick’s proposed $34.8 billion state budget is meeting with mixed reviews on Beacon Hill.

Rep. Bradley Jones, the House Republican leader, said the governor’s plan to raise $1.2 billion through tax changes and tapping the state’s `rainy day’ fund for $400 million was “shortsighted and extremely irresponsible.”

Michael Widmer, president of the business-backed Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation, called it an “aggressive budget” that could put the state’s economic recovery at risk.

But others praised the governor’s plan to invest in transportation and education.

Noah Berger, president of the independent Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center, said Patrick’s spending plan “addresses immediate needs” that will improve the economy and create jobs.

Campaign for our Communities, a coalition of teachers unions and other groups, praised the governor for committing to strong schools and more reliable transportation systems.

  • dave629

    With the anouncement of an increased unemployment rate, I would like to hear the governor explain where the money will be raised. The local media giants will no doubt, be conciliatory. They have thrown in with the governors and kings and effed the People.

  • weasel

    Patrick is nothing more than a liar and crook. Yep, he has a job with the supreme crook and liar in Washington and wants his legacy left by accessing your wallet forever. Lied about reduced property tax to get elected and now wants to increase your taxes by over 20%. You see the whites of his eyes, he is your enemy.

  • weasel

    Nothing more than Reparations imposed on the white working class. Patrick is a raging racist!