Braving Cold at the Slopes…Think Safe!


GREAT BARRINGTON, Mass (WGGB)-  Its going to be a cold weekend! While unpleasant for most, these conditions can be ideal for others…like Marketing Director of Ski Butternut, Matthew Sawyer.

“Well its great for us! Cold temperatures allow us to make snow and snow allows us to enjoy skiers!” says Sawyer.

And it surely won’t hold back the diehards. Zachary Tuchmann from Branford CT does consider himself a diehard snowboarder.   “I will commit no matter what whether its -12 or -24.. I love snow,” says Tuchmann..

However, safety must come first. Patrol on duty here at Ski Butternut say it is possible to get Frostbite. “You can tell by white patches on your skin,” says Joel Sevick of Ski Patrol. He adds that, “There are some basic things you can do if you notice discoloring, like warming yourself with warm water.. but don’t rub viorously, especially your hands.”

Prevention is key. It will be an enjoyable experience if you come safely prepared.

-Be sure your clothing is dry.

-Bring a good warm pair of mittens or gloves.

-Have something to cover up your face and all exposed skin.


-Take breaks.

Signs and Symptoms of Frostbite:

-A slight painful or itching sensation

-A cold burning feeling -Numbness

-Red, white, pale or grey-ish yellow color skin

Be safe!