$50.5 Billion Superstorm Sandy Aid Bill Approved by Congress

Hurrican Sandy DamageWASHINGTON (AP/WGGB) — Congress has passed a $50.5 billion Superstorm Sandy aid bill.

Three months after the storm devastated parts of the densely populated Northeast, the Senate decided tonight to approve a $50.5 billion emergency relief bill to help storm victims recover.

Some conservatives are complaining the bill will add to the nation’s debt.

The bill now goes to President Barack Obama for his signature. The House passed the measure two weeks ago.

If President Obama signs the bill, at least $16 billion will flow to state and local governments through grants from the Housing and Urban Development Department

Sandy roared up the East Coast Oct. 29 and was blamed for 140 deaths and billions of dollars in property damage. Hardest hit were New York and New Jersey.