Tax Abatement Application Deadline Today

HOUSE-MONEYSPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) — It’s “last call” for property owners who still want to apply for a property tax abatement.

“First quarter property tax bills are due Friday, and it is also the last day a property owner can seek an abatement on the tax assessed,” Secretary Galvin said. “It is something a homeowner faced with higher property taxes and increased mortgage payments may want to explore.”

You may challenge a tax bill on grounds that the assessed value of the property is too high in relation to similar properties in your neighborhood. Improper classification and exemption are also grounds for tax abatement.

For more information about tax abatement a brochure is available on-line at the secretary’s website or you call this toll-free number, 1-800-392-6090.

Abatement application forms are available at all municipal assessor offices.