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Chief of the State’s Welfare System Resigns


BOSTON (AP) — The chief of the state’s welfare system has resigned in the wake of a report that found widespread waste and the distribution of millions of dollars to people not eligible for benefits.

An internal report found that nearly 3,100 out of 47,000 families receiving taxpayer-funded benefits and contacted through a voter registration mailer were unaccounted for. Their accounts are being closed.

The department also said it overpaid federal food stamp recipients by almost $28 million since 2010.

The Inspector General found the Department of Transitional Assistance handed out about $25 million in benefits to people with unconfirmed eligibility.

The Boston Herald reports that Health and Human Services Secretary John Polanowicz asked for and received the resignation of Department of Transitional Assistance Commissioner Daniel Curley on Thursday.


Information from: Boston Herald, http://www.bostonherald.com

  • The truth

    They should do an audit to find out who wasn’t following protocol by handing out our money to scum bags. They should also do an audit to find the loopholes that allow said scum bags to receive our money. They should also fire the people who created these loopholes.

  • seanjackman2

    I broke my hip a few years ago and was denied any assistance. When I was finally given help while looking for work that I am capable of performing i received 300 a month in assistance that I will be paying back. The issue is those who receive funds because their doctors had them on percocet and now they are addicted to heroin and sell food stamps to get high. Blamw the medical profession and healrhcarw

  • weasel

    I wonder what he is getting to leave and his requirement package for a despicable job performance. Nothing but a liar and an enabler to get the votes for the Party of Crime.