Police Break Up 400 Person Melee

west springfieldWEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) — West Springfield police were able to break up a 400 person melee early Saturday morning.

Sgt. Michael J. Banas said the call came in around 12:30 AM for Main Street, near the intersection with Bridge Street.

He said the crowd disbursed very quickly and police were able to end fighting completely within 30 minutes.

Mutual aid from Springfield and State Police was called in.

One person was taken into protective custody, according to Banas.

He said police were not aware of anyone being hurt in the commotion.


  • shawnm2

    I have question was this a “melee” or a bunch of hs kids getting together & several small fights broke out…this headline seems exaggerated for sensation…….

    • High Taxes

      I looked up the definition of melee, because I thought it was a fight. However, another meaning of the word is “a confused mass of people.” Since we are in Mass., it must be referring to the latter. So in essence, the definition here is “a confused mass of people in Mass., but probably not attending Mass in Mass, though they may be confused by Latin.”

  • paulb62

    400 people 1 arrest, no injuries.
    Let’s hear the real story

  • paulb62

    Chsnnel 22 called a mini riot. 400 at a birthday party. Someonr is well liked. Ha ha

  • Emar1970

    There isn’t 400 people living in W Spfld I guest there including all the police called in