Mass. Gas Prices Up 14 Cents in a Week

Gas prices pkg
BOSTON (AP) — Gas prices in Massachusetts increased sharply over the past week.

AAA Southern New England reported Monday that the average price of regular gas is now about $3.60 a gallon. That’s 14 cents higher than last Monday. The motor club blames the increase on higher crude oil prices.

The average price in Massachusetts is seven cents higher than the national average and 10 cents higher that the average price in the state a year ago.

AAA found self-serve regular selling as low as $3.50 a gallon and as high as $3.80 a gallon.

  • alpinequeen

    Check out all the different gas stations and brands that F.L. Roberts owns. You’ll see a wide variation of prices from them all the time depending on if the station is in a high traffic area or not.

  • chance68

    Obama was inaugurated and the fun begins. First gas prices then his taxes.
    On the serious side.. Oil companies raise their prices yet their profits are humongous. That practice should be banned.

  • weasel

    Amazing how the news media reports a penny drop but keeps quiet about this rape at the pump. All lies. Where is our Rep. Neal. Wining and dining at the White House.

  • The truth

    F. K off Glenn