On the Set: The Walking Dead Returns For a Bloody Showdown

Andrew Lincoln | Photo Credits: Gene Page/AMC

Abandoned cars, tattered clothes, busted baby dolls and plastic dinosaurs litter a graffiti-covered bridge spanning Senoia, Georgia’s Yellow Jacket Creek on this sweltering August day. In the middle of the road leading to it, a horde of menacing walkers closes in on a helpless family trapped inside a broken-down hatchback, and The Walking Dead coexecutive producer and special-effects whiz Greg Nicotero is calling for more gore.

“I’m gonna need two more bodies and blood!” he yells to a production assistant as he dips his hand in a bucket and stirs the crimson concoction that will sub for brain matter. As makeup artists load the goop into a zombie “crush head,” Nicotero positions himself under…

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