Bottled Water Alert: State Says Check for Gasoline Smell before Consuming

bottled waterSPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) — The State Department of Public Health is warning you about a possible hazard in your bottled water.

Many people used empty water bottles to transport gasoline when Superstorm Sandy hit and then recycled those bottles.

As a result, some newly-packaged bottles have been found to be contaminated with gasoline.

Tests conducted by state officials showed that water was contaminated with a small amount of volatile organic compounds, including benzene, indicating gasoline contamination.

An Essex County child became ill February 1 and was treated at a local emergency department after consuming water from a 5-gallon Poland Spring water bottle. The child was later released. The bottle originated from the Poland Spring bottling plant in Framingham, Mass and was delivered to the child’s home.

The Department of Public Health recommends you open and check 3-or-5 gallon water bottles if you bought them since November 1, 2012 for gasoline odors before using the water.



  • alpinequeen

    And where were the gas station attendants when the water bottles were being illegally filed with gasoline?