Mayor Sarno: “Stay Off the Roads”

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) — Springfield’s Mayor has one simple message today as the cleanup continues: “Stay off the roads.”

The Mayor spoke with ABC40′s Dave Madsen on 40 in the Morning Saturday to talk about the conditions.

Sarno says measurements from the city’s DPW indicates about 21 inches of snow fell on the City of Homes.

DPW crews are currently out clearing roads, then Sarno notes that by law, those crews need to be pulled from the roads for a few hours of rest.

Sarno notes that another “attack” of plow crews will resume this afternoon, starting again with the main roads then working on secondary roads.

Again though, the Mayor is urging everyone to stay off the roads, unless it’s an emergency, at which time you should call 911.

Non-emergency questions can be directed to 311.

  • jjohnson48

    People aren’t going to listen. If something happens to them like an accident they will try to sue the state. Stay the hell off the roads until they are clear.

  • my3boys

    @Howard ur so right are they gonna arrest anyone?? Doubt it I live in a main road. Its not plowed well yet and all I see are cars going by so if they were to crash state would be responsible well its not right they should be arresting them if I were driving I’d b the one pulled over!! All talk …