Side Roads Still Untouched… DPW Working Through Night



The DPW has been fully staffed and working since the morning yesterday through the wee hours of this morning, but still some streets have not been touched and residents are not very happy.

“This is ridiculous we can’t even get through to go get supplies like if we actually need supplies or if there is a medical emergency they can’t get in and we can’t get out,” says Lorenzo of Springfield.

After talking to the Springfield DPW we learned that workers were released at noon today to get some rest, reasonably so.  By 6:00 this evening they were back out on the roads and working hard. Their priority, to first plow all of the side roads have yet to be cleared.

DPW will continue to work hard throughout the night and they ask for your patience.

  • 06012011

    Patience, We have not been able to tend to the elderly for over 24 hours. Explain that to their families.

  • L10nsheart

    Yeah working through the night, 3 plow trucks went down my street several hours ago down the path that has already be traveled, glad the odd side of the street can get out.

  • 06201991

    My father plows for the Springfield DPW and there are many streets that were plowed and if people did not park on both sides of the street when there was a parking ban in effect the plows would be able to get down the streets to plow them because with cars parking on both sides of the street there is no where to put the snow. Another thing that doesn’t help is when people that are trying to dig out there cars throw the snow in the street which makes even more snow for plows to try and get through. The first ones to criticize are the ones that do not abide by the parking ban. If people want there streets done in a timely manner they need to abide by the parking bans so that the plows are able to get down the streets.

  • L10nsheart

    Funny thing is I parked in the driveway so I can criticize.