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Chicopee and Springfield Differ in Snow Removal

Snow PlowSPRINGFIELD/CHICOPEE, Mass (WGGB)– If digging out your own driveway can be a pain, imagine what trying to shovel your entire street is like.

Some folks in Springfield know this all too well. Two days after the blizzard, while main roads are clean, many side streets still haven’t been touched by a plow. Mayor Dominic Sarno empathized with those frustrated by the situation. “I am aggravated at the ones that were not touched or just punched out, some contractors were paid for that, and inspectors are supposed to be double checking that, and I’m not going to stand for that.”

However in Chicopee, they didn’t seem to have that problem. The streets are clean. And to get them this way, Mayor Michael Bissonnette had to switch plans at the last minute. “We changed our plans during the overnight portion of the storm Friday into Saturday morning, and also to initially hit every side street to try to open up one lane the residents could get out, emergency vehicles could get in,” he said.

In anticipation of the rain and sleet Monday is expected to bring Bissonnette says they’re not out of the woods yet. “We’re working with the school dept. on getting kids to school tomorrow, sanding and some additional plowing, We’ve also stretched snow removal,”

Like many folks at this point, he’s just waiting for it to warm up. “The best thing is for everybody to remember that on Tuesday, the Boston Red Sox open for spring training, so there is a spring in our future, it’s not too far away,” he joked.

Anyone who is still having trouble with their streets can contact the Chicopee DPW at (413) 594-3557.

  • jjohnson48

    Chicopee mayor says streets are clean, he better think again.

  • Emar1970

    There cleaner then here in Spfld were still waiting for one truck to pass by

  • mmrp113

    Guess he took your advice jjohnson!

  • alpinequeen

    Spring is a few weeks away.

  • 06012011

    First time in 600 years a Pope resigns and they say it is health but we all know he decided after hearing all the complaints from Springfield residents about their high taxes paying for lousy plowing and unsafe roads after storm NEMO…….

  • johnk00

    I had to clear my own street with my snowblower here in Chicopee. The one pass down Ames Ave to open it up, left a 4 foot high 8 foot wide berm across the bottom of my street, turning my street into a dead end until yesterday morning when I opened it up. We have YET to see another plow here since 7:30 Saturday morning. Where I cleared it is fairly good, but the top part at the Front street entrance is very bad. Lucky for me it is a narrow one way.