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Senate Passes Violence Against Women Act

SAFE PASSAGESPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) — Today the Senate passed the Violence Against Women Act designed to give victims of domestic violence more protection.

The Act was first passed in 1994 but was last reauthorized in 2006.

This latest re-authorization provides equal domestic violence access and protections for gays, lesbians, Native Americans, and immigrants.

It also includes a provision that would speed up the analysis of D NA evidence from a rape kit to avoid the rape kit backlog.

In addition, the bill will continue to provide funding for domestic violence support groups like “Safe Passage” in Northampton.

Marianne Winters with Safe Passage in Northampton says, “We’re thrilled not only that it passed the Senate but that it passed the Senate 78 votes to 22. So it really shows that at least the Senate is hunkering down with support and that it’s not an issue that should be thought of as partisan or as democrats and republicans…it’s an issue that affects every single one of us — men and women.”

The bill faces an uncertain future in the Republican-led House of Representatives.

Some of them argue it’s too drastic an expansion specifically the provision regarding tribal courts.



  • BigIce 413

    There need to pass a bill. That if a woman is filing a false report of abuse. She should go to jail. There are a lot of men locked up because a women said she was abused and wasn’t . David i hope u never go through it. Because a woman upset gives her the right to lie come on. There should b a Bill pass that if she’s found lien then she should face jail time or a hefty fine. Their are some punks who put there hand on a woman . But what about the men who r lied on