Pressure is On: Last Minute Gifts

HOLYOKE, Mass (WGGB)- LAST MIN VDAYTime is now definitely running out. If you still have to pick up that last-minute valentine’s day gift, you aren’t the only one.

Today at the Holyoke mall there were many last minute shoppers out there searching for the perfect gift. A few gentlemen out there had a bit of added pressure..

“Today’s my girlfriend’s birthday and valentine’s day so i have to go the full mile today,” said Christian Sanchez of Springfield.

“She already text me that one of her friends got a pro mac book, I guess I got to step it up,” says Brennan Mascaro.

Other men shopping today were a bit more prepared.m“I planned it about a week and a half ago.. a went to a shop, ordered what I wanted and all I have to do is pick it up today by 11:00 and I’m good to go,” says Alex Ortiz of Holyoke.