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12-Year-Old Student Drowns at Kiley Middle School in Springfield

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(Springfield Police Crime Scene Investigators are seen at the school)

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) – A student has drowned at a Springfield middle school in what school officials call a “tragic accident.”

“Our deep felt condolences, our heartfelt condolences go out to the family. We just can’t imagine the enourmity of this loss for this family,” said Superintendent Daniel Warwick.

Emergency crews were called to Kiley Middle School on Cooley Street around 2:00 p.m.

Springfield Police says that the 12-year-old boy was rushed to Baystate Medical Center where the child was pronounced dead.

At a press conference Friday night, an emotional Superintendent of Schools Daniel Warwick expressed his “deepest condolences” to the family of the student and says that a “full and thorough investigation” is underway.

Warwick confirmed that the incident, which he calls a “tragic accident,” occurred during a swim class that was part of the district’s physical education program.

“We had supervision in the pool with our physical education teacher,” said Warwick.

According to Warwick swimming classes will be suspended until the investigation is complete.

It’s an accident unlike any Warwick has seen before.

“Never in my memory and I go back a long way in the school system,” said Warwick.

“First of all our deepest sympthy and condolences to the family. It’s an irreplaceeable loss, many of us have children that age younger or older and you can only imagine that,:” said Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno.

The school district will be working to establish counseling for anyone effected by the death and information on that will be disseminated via the district’s ConnectEd system.

School officials are not releasing the boys name.

  • berto

    Holy crap I went to that school for 6 grade crazy

  • medic3

    Praying for the responders, police, EMS and fire. May they be able to go on doing what they do so well.

  • my3boys

    Yeaa Jessica ligus this is Springfield schools my son went there for 2 years we moved thank God kids in the guidance office walked around swearing and noone said anything kids always beating on echother bullying nonstop the school just don’t care sad know they’ll care!! They got cops there and it still goes on so no hands on yea they got but noone listens all I can say is my prayers go to the family and so sorry to hear bout this tragedy u have to deal with ur children shouldn’t fear if they’re gonna make it home

  • jarbear

    All you folks eager to pass blame and judgement you wernt there you dont know the facts.

    Have you ever voluntered or attended a funtion in a springfield school. Well I did, that school I had 30 minutes to do a presentation the teachers spent 25 of those minutes keeping the kids orderly. ( referring to the hands off comment)

    The only thing we should be doing is praying for those impacted by this tragedy and offer any support we can give.

  • medic3

    Yet again, News 40 gets their story AND their pictures wrong. Turning a tragedy into sensationalism.

    • alizzy1991

      its not the wrong picture.. thats the back of the school heading to the pool area

  • bugzy12

    Went there years ago for seventh and eighth grade a girl got raped during our swim class we had two teachers supervising (supposably). Never took swimming again after that… I agree BAN swimming pools in schools!

  • Emar1970

    Ban pools that’s the dumbest thing Ive heard teach these how to swim better and more supervision God Bless this child and his family

  • spfldmom04

    What a horrific accident-thoughts and prayers go out to the family. What a terrible ending to what is supposed to be a good day ( the day before winter break). No one should be rushing to judgement or blaming any one till the facts are known. I am sure the many caring teachers and administrators as well as students who were there are shaken to the core by this event. Symathy goes out to all who are affected.

  • Jloenlacasa

    I truly hope this was not a case of dunking

  • my3boys

    Sueing the city or school is not gonna bring this child back to there family!! Money don’t and wont take the heartache and pain away!! So really everyone who says Sue Sue put yourself in the families shoes I’d rather have my baby back money will never ever take what that family’s going through away!!! Or bring their child back!

  • greenteah

    I don’t think that excluding swim lessons from the curriculum is a good idea. This is a horrible accident that definitely could have been prevented. Water safety is a crucial element in a child’s education and I think it can help prevent drownings. But safety should always come first. I think one thing the school board should consider implementing would be to hire lifeguards for the swimming portions of physical education classes. Someone who isn’t there to teach but just purely to watch the kids. Someone who doesn’t go into the locker room in between periods or into the gym to take attendance. A lifeguard who can stay in the pool area for the entire day of swim PE classes. Yes It is an expense on the school, but in the end, children’s lives are worth way more then what it would cost to pay the guards. Prayers go out to the family and anyone involved in this tragedy. Hopefully we can prevent this in the future

  • Misses_ES

    May his young soul R.I.P. </3
    As a parent, this gives me goosebumps. Can you imagine getting that call from your child's school? :(