Pedaling Produce


HADLEY, Mass (WGGB)- When most farmers are finishing their season, Michael Docter of Winter Moon Root Farm in Hadley is just kicking off his busiest time of year.

He picks his vegetables in November and they store the food in a cooler. A computerized system uses winter air to keep the produce fresh.

Not only does Michael have a green thumb, he is going green in many other ways. Michael makes his deliveries by bicycle.

“We enjoy it and we’re getting exercise and there sure are a lot of people going to the gym so this is just another way,” says Docter.

Last year they delivered 23,000 pounds of vegetables by bicycle.  Winter Moon grows primarily root vegetables to keep the area eating local all winter long.

  • alpinequeen

    At least one of the houses at Old Sturbridge Village has a root cellar with deep shelves filled with sand to store the vegetables.