Wanted: Devon Williams

Devon WilliamsSPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) —  Tonight on Crime Files we’re showing you a familiar face.

His name is Devon Williams and he’s wanted on several outstanding warrants. Plus, police say he may be up to his old tricks, possibly behind a series of recent break-ins.

According to Springfield Police Sgt. John Delaney, the 21-year-old, well-known gang member in Springfield “Has been locked up many, many times.”

And he’s no stranger to police.

Last time Williams was on Crime Files it was for assault and battery, nearly stabbing a man to death.

Well, add another outstanding warrant to the growing list, police say he’s in default on a probation violation too.  They received a tip about a shooting planned for near Kensington Avenue back in 2009.

“Responding to this information officers got out of the car. Mr. Williams was acting suspicious like he was trying to hide something as they approached him,” Sgt. Delaney says.

A foot-chase through the neighborhood began and that’s when police say they saw Williams suddenly throw what looked like a handgun over a fence.

“The officer just kept going after him until he got him into custody. Then officers went back and we recovered a fully loaded 22 caliber handgun,” explains Delaney.

Police say Williams went to his arraignment but ditched on his court date.

Not only is he out on the streets with 2 major warrants under his belt, but police say he may be involved in several break-ins recently in Springfield.

If you know his whereabouts, call the Springfield Police Department or text an anonymous tip to C-R-I-M-E-S.

  • paulb62

    Why do they let tese habitual criminals out on bail. They should lose that right if they have done time for similar offenses. Judges just need to say no more. This guy will grt another gun which will result in someone being shot

  • chance68

    Released on bail for a gun violation? The judge who allowed bail for a habitual offender should do a mandatory year in the greybar hotel. This judicial system is in deep doo-doo.