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Chicopee Officer Shot in Afternoon Training Exercise


CHICOPEE, Mass. (WGGB) – A veteran Chicopee police officer is in the hospital with serious injuries after being shot Monday afternoon.

Hampden County District Attorney Mark Mastroianni says that the officer was taking part in a training exercise with Chicopee Police SWAT members at former Westover base housing located off of James Street when the gun went off.

The bullet struck the officer, whose name has not been released, in the head and was rushed to Baystate Medical Center.

Chicopee Mayor Michael Bissonnette tells ABC40 says that the injuries are serious, but not life threatening.

“Tonight we are all just very grateful that this didn’t turn worse than it could have been,” said Bissonnette.

The mayor says the officer is alert and surrounded by fellow officers and his wife. He adds the officer is doing the best he can under the circumstances and still has his sense of humor.

“I was over there, I spoke with the officer. I was able to have a conversation with him. I am confident he is going to recover, but it’s gonna take awhile,” said Bissonnette.

Chicopee Police and Mastroianni’s office are now investigating the incident.

“I want the facts. I wanna know exactly what happened and I think we’ll get the results of that in short order,” said Bissonnette.

A resident who lives near the apartment says police and fire training happens in the adandoned buildings every three to six months.

“Sometimes they have half a dozen K9 cars here for training,” said Ron Gautheir, Chicopee.

Chicopee Acting Chief Thomas Charette will be releasing more information about the accident Tuesday morning.

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  • shawnm5

    Guns are dangerous even used by professionals.Exhibit A see above.

  • The truth

    Exactly why the fk were they using live ammo. I have never heard of that either in the military or police training. That is fkn ridiculous and those(plural) in charge need to be fired. Not suspended with pay, but fired period.

  • shawnm5

    @wanda your pic looks like your in model pose. lol!

  • BigIce 413

    No Bertio ur the dumbass. And i pray the officer makes a speedy recovery . My prayers are with him and his family and the CPD

  • watch090

    Actually, Law Enforcment and Military are always having live fire training. They make it as realistic as possible so if something happens and you ignorant people call for help, they will have confidence in responding and handling the situation swift and precisely. Dont bitch and complain about the police officers training and then turn around and plead for their protection. These individuals put their lives at risk on a daily basis so if you dont have any supportive comments of this brave officer, dont comment at all.

  • The truth

    Heh watch 90 tell me when you used live ammo in training simulation. Please explain you moron, don’t talk about shit you don’t have a clue about. So using live ammo in a training exercise for a small towns police force is common. Your an idiot and a liar.

  • watch090

    If you read my aforementioned comment, they conduct live fire training so its as realistic as possible. Live fire training is always being done whether its law enforcement or military. If you knew anything about military or law enforcement, you would know this and wouldnt be posting the comments that you have. Dont comment on something you know nothing about. Just give support to the damn officer that was injured training to protect you.

  • watch090

    Ive done multiple live fire training simulations in preperation for deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan and numerous home station exercises. Feel free to Google search live fire training…thank me later.

  • The truth

    So let me get this straight, in order to train local police they need to use real ammo to help them focus. So when they get a bullet in thier head that means they failed the training exercise, and need to start over. Like I said your a moron and a compulsive liar. What branch of military/ mos did you have? Never mind don’t answer you’ll come up with some kind of elaborate lie..

  • watch090

    Its apparent you dont know too much about law enforcement/military training. Thats ok though…many people assume they know a lot about something but in reality, they dont. You are a prime example. Do some research for god sakes before you make yourself look like fool again. Accidents do happen Mr. Ignorant…so when people get into motor vehicle accidents, they shouldnt be driving? Its obvious that you’re the moron. The more comments you post, the more idiotic you appear. Stop while you’re ahead…comment on a post you have knowledge about.

  • watch090

    First, it offers recruits the chance to get accustomed to their weapons so that they will know how to properly operate them. Secondly, this provides soldiers with an opportunity to firelive ammunition without having to worry about an actual enemy returning fire. This allows soldiers to get reacquainted with the feel and time of actually using and expending ammunition rather than simply simulating the experience. Live fire exercises of this type can be observed either by remotely controlled cameras or by long rangetelescopic devices, such as binoculars. This was taken straight from the Wikipedia entry on “Live Fire Training”…since you were too lazy or ignorant or both to look it up.

  • robn

    They should take the shooter’s gun away and give him a desk job. I wouldn’t want him protecting me.

  • watch090

    Again, accidents happen. Thats life. So if someone gets into a vehicle accident, they shouldnt be allowed to operate a vehicle anymore? Hmm, millions of people wouldnt have a car. Weird how that works huh? This type of accident happens probably 2,000 % less than any other type of accident. Calm down…

  • watch090

    Where did “The Truth” go?! Hahahaha guess he finally figured out he was making himself look bad. Knowledge is power!