Cops: Meriden Woman Left Toddler Alone to Party

police lights

DANBURY, Conn. (AP) — Danbury police say they arrested a Meriden woman after her 3-year-old child was left alone while she went to a party, and the toddler wandered outside in freezing temperatures.

Police told The News-Times of Danbury that 35-year-old Monica Panora tried to leave the child with the child’s uncle so she could go to the party Saturday night. But police say the uncle refused to baby-sit and ended up at the same party as the child’s mother, who believed the child could be left sleeping alone.

Authorities say a neighbor called police after seeing the child outside the uncle’s home. The temperature was about 32 degrees.

Panora and the uncle, Rafael Freire-Recuenco of Danbury, were charged with risk of injury to a minor. They couldn’t be reached for comment.


Information from: The News-Times, http://www.newstimes.com

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