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McGovern: Sequestration Represents ‘Recklessness and Stupidity’

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WGGB) — U.S. Rep. James McGovern, D-MA-2, expressed his frustration with the impending sequestration cuts on ABC40 News Thursday night.

McGovern says there is a lot of “frustration” in Washington over the process. He adds, “We should be huddled in a room with the door closed trying to figure out a way to avoid sequestration…to try and avoid having people get laid off and see programs get cut.”

“This sequestration, in my opinion, represents an all-time high in recklessness and stupidity. This is not a way to run a government,” McGovern adds.

With the House of Representatives adjourning for the day Thursday and no sessions scheduled for Friday and the weekend, McGovern notes that the cuts take effect at midnight Friday and says that any chance of a deal will have to be taken up sometime next week.

You can listen to the Congressman’s entire interview, including why sequestration is bad for the economy as a whole and what McGovern believes is blocking a deal from being done, here on wggb.com