Pot Holes Can Take A Chunk From Your Wallet


SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) — It’s that time of year, pot hole season and while for drivers they can pose as a roadway nuisance, they can mean big trouble for your car and your wallet.

Tim Andrew, President of Tyre Trak Automotive Center says he sees a lot of cars coming in with damage caused by pot holes. Often cars will just need their tires rebalanced.

A simple and inexpensive repair ranging from $30 to $60, but the costs only go up from there.

“Lower control arms cost about $275 to $359 and require an alignment was well which is an additional $65. And in the worst case situations if you have to have some frame repair done you can spend thousands of dollars,” says Andrew.

The most common damage is to a cars wheels, most aren’t made to withstand the impact from a pot hole.

Even if you just damage a wheel it can be an expensive mistake. Wheels are a specialty repair and a new wheel can cost up to $2,000 depending on what you drive.

Your best bet is a custom repair shop.

Michael Howard of Propeller Engineering says, “Eighty percent of the wheels that come in are cracked, but we can weld them. Most of the wheels are like $500-$600 a piece. But we can weld them for like $100 and straighten them out.”

Perhaps the best part is a wheel repair like this can in many cases be done the same day.