A March Preview – The Race to Spring!


march picSpringfield, Mass (WGGB) – March can be a crazy month when it comes to the weather. From snowstorms to warm spells the month has it all. For those of us looking forward to nice weather the month of March offers great hope. Here are some March statistics.


March 1st: Average High: 39, March 31st: Average High: 51

March 1st: Average Low: 23, March 31st: Average Low: 34

Warmest Temperature recorded: 90 degrees, 31st, 1998 (Westover Air Reserve Base)

Coldest Temperature Recorded: -13 degrees, 6th, 1967 (Westover Air Reserve Base)

Biggest Snowstorm: 1613th, 1993

March 1st: Sunset: 5:40, March 31st: Sunset: 7:15

March 1st: Sunrise: 6:25, March 31st: Sunrise: 6:34

March 1st: Amount of sunlight: 11 hours :15  minutes, March 31st: Amount of sunlight: 12 hours :40 minutes

Day Light Saving Time: Second Sunday of the month, 10th

- First day of Spring, The Vernal Equinoxes: 20th, 7:02 am

- St. Patrick’s Day: 17th

- Holyoke, St. Patrick’s Day Parade: 17th

- Easter Sunday: 31st

Enjoy the month!

Dan Brown