No Powerball Winner Means Jackpot Grows to $320 Million

(WGGB) — After Thursday night’s Powerball drawing for an estimated at $260 million, the jackpot is getting bigger.

No ticket matched the winning numbers 13 14 17 43 54 15, but there were three tickets that matched five of the numbers drawn.

Those tickets were sold in Florida, Kentucky and Ohio. The ticket holders will get to collect $1 million.

The jackpot now grows to more than $320 million for this Saturday’s drawing.

A pair of Massachusetts friends were featured in Thursday night’s live drawing. The two both won $50 million dollars in a past Powerball drawing. They plan to spend the money on buying houses, according to Powerball officials.

  • weasel

    No more than a tax on the poor. Very sad how our Politicians use the masses to protect their asses.