Foxborough Wrestling Coach Charged with Attempted Murder

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (CNN) — A Massachusetts high school wrestling coach faces attempted murder charges.

Police say he assaulted his wife over the weekend.

“Very shocked. Very shocked.”

Neighbors of 45-year-old James Fraser can’t believe what they’re hearing – the high school’s wrestling coach charged with attempted murder.

“He seemed like a really nice guy. Never any problems with him, always waved to us and stuff,” says neighbor Colby Aaron.

According to court documents, Fraser allegedly assaulted his wife Sunday afternoon. He’s accused of strangling her during an argument at their Foxborough home.

His wife told police quote: “That she had actually blacked out for a short period of time.”

The officer said, “She claims she was ‘dizzy’ and ‘shaky’ afterwards.”

Fraser was arraigned Monday on two felony counts of assault and battery and attempted murder.

Fraser did not answer at his house after he was released on $2,000 bail.

Foxborough schools have said they can’t comment on this case.

Neighbors say Fraser has been the wrestling coach here for at least a decade.

“My brother wrestled a while ago, and he wrestled against him. I mean, he wrestled while he was coaching. I would say most of the town knows him. He’s very well-known.”

  • anonymous777

    Hmmm what can a wife be doing over the weekend to cause her husband to choke her ass out?! Sounds like somebody got caught wrestling! And it wasnt the coach FEEL ME! LOL