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Parents Voice their Views on Armed Guards in Enfield Public Schools


ENFIELD, Conn. (WGGB) — The discussion of armed guards in Enfield Public Schools continued Wednesday night.

The Town Council and Board of Education presented their School Safety Plan in front of a crowd of parents and residents.

The armed guard portion of the plan has been in the spot light since Tuesday night’s 5-4 vote approving it.

Following the presentation, parents had a chance to let their elected officials know how they feel about armed guards in their kid’s schools.

“I am not happy about having guns in the schools, cause as soon as you bring them, no matter who has them there there,” said Gretchen Ide, parent.

Elizabeth Davis thinks armed guards send the wrong message to the kids.

“At a young age it’s very hard to a child to see that and it’s not the proper thing to do,” said Davis.

Other parents stood up and thanked the two boards for coming up with the security plan. One parent says she has seen how kids deal with officers in school.

“I felt safe with the children there. The children didn’t seem to be effected by it that I could see,” said Debbie-Ann Devito, parent.

Several parents and administrators from the three Catholic schools in Enfield let town leaders know they want to be included in the plan.

“That’s why we are here to make sure they recognize that the safety of all children needs to be of utmost concern of the town,” said Ann Sarpu, Principal St. Martha School.

The town’s attorney is researching to see if the private schools can legally be a part of the plan.

The school district’s safety plan was drafted in response to the deadly shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn.  Enfield Police Chief Carl Sferrazza says the point of having armed guards is to stop a shooter from ever getting into the building and to buy more time until the Police Department arrives.

“We made the decision a long time ago to accept zero casualties in our schools. That’s our goal and we believe our plan affords us that at the time,” said Chief Sferrazza.

The armed guards will be retired police officers and will report to the Enfield Police Department.

  • alpinequeen

    Just think, when these kids grow up, they will be stressed out if they don’t see armed guards protecting them at work.

  • bagpip

    This is just an indicator of the level of mental illness this country has come too. Why not just arm the kids and teachers too?

  • bagpip

    This is about the sickest thing I ever read, people frightened like squirrels even though the chances of your actual child being one of the 20, out of the billions(?) of school students is astronomical. But I agree that zero casualties is the only acceptable number, but not at this cost.

  • alpinequeen

    Do a Google search of “list of school shootings in the U.S.” This has been going on since the 1700′s and as the population of the country has increased, so has the numbers of school shootings. The lamestream media has chosen to focus on these tragic events and it’s got the rabble up in arms.