2-Year-Old “Bedtime Bandit” Takes Internet by Storm

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(WGGB) — Most toddlers like to play with their sibling’s toys, and this little guy doesn’t let a little lock get in his way.

Take a look at 2-year-old Kyle Moser, who would stop at nothing to get his sister’s unicorn Pillow Pet.

His mother, Joanne, tells ABC News, ‘My daughter came in one day and told us that he kept taking stuff out of her room and I said, ‘Well, lock your door. That will stop him.’ A couple of nights later, she came in and said he had broken into her door.”

Skeptical that their son could crack such a lock, Joanne and her husband, Mike, set up a video camera over several nights, finally capturing his success of leaving his room, picking her sister’s lock, go back to his room to drop off his burglary tool (a open set of nail clippers), then swoop in, take the pet and retreat back to his room.

Their daughter’s answer to her parent’s skepticism: “I told you so,” Joanne mentioned to ABC News.

The 2-year-old suspect was spoken to by Joanne and Mike and given a lesson on not unlocking doors, and went on his way.

“He hasn’t done it since,” Joanne says.