Northampton Officials Respond to YouTube Video

pepper spray
NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WGGB) — Northampton’s police chief and mayor have responded to a YouTube video circulating the internet that alleges possible police misconduct.

Around 1:30 Sunday morning, in a police narrative obtained by ABC40, officers say they responded to Tully O’Reilly’s on Pleasant Street for a disturbance outside the bar.

During the response, police used pepper spray on Jonas Correia and wrestled him to the ground.

The incident was all caught on a cell phone camera and posted to YouTube.

Correia can be heard in the video saying that he didn’t do anything. Witnesses, including the woman who took the video, appeared to agree that Correia didn’t do anything.

However, in the narrative, officers allege that Correia was threatening a bouncer and one officer noted that Correia “appeared to be taking a fighting stance and I believed he was going to strike.”

Late Tuesday, Northampton Mayor David Narkowicz acknowledged on his Facebook page that he has “received numerous inquiries” about the video which shows “Northampton Police Department (NPD) officers taking an individual into custody in the early hours of Sunday, March 31, 2013 after responding to a disturbance call at Tully O’Reilly’s on Pleasant Street.”

Northampton Police Chief Russell Sienkiewicz adds in his own statement, shared by the Mayor via Facebook:

“The NPD was summoned to Tully O’Reilly’s in response to a series of altercations that took place that night. In the moments before the video started, the arrested individual had attempted to assault a Tully’s bouncer and fled the grasp of an NPD officer, and he was then subdued, arrested and placed into custody. The taking of pictures played no role in the arrest. NPD officers are well-versed in the laws concerning videotaping, as clearly demonstrated by their non-interference with the filming of the YouTube video. Appropriate charges have been filed against this individual and will follow the usual procedure through the courts. The NPD is continuing to investigate this matter to assure compliance with all department rules and regulations.”

When contacted Wednesday by ABC40, Sienkiewicz noted that he nor the Mayor would have any additional comment.

You can watch the video in its entirety below: (Some language may not be suitable for all audiences. Viewer discretion is advised)

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  • alpinequeen

    They should have pepper sprayed and arrested all the vocal idiots ho were trying to tell the cops how to do their job. The cops showed restraint with the vocal idiots.

  • whittle650

    The phrase ” appeared to be taking a fighting stance” has been used by those exact cops on the scene many time over in order to arrest someone. Since tullys employs bouncers who think they are above the law, and can handle people. I don’t blame the guy for allegedly protecting himself. I’ve seen so many people get roughed up by those bouncers. And the cops jut protect them. Ever wonder why Tullys hasn’t been shut down? F*** all those pricks.

  • mynameischris

    @ Debra. Loitering can only be enforced if the people are hindering other pedestrians or patrons, involved in illegal activity, solicitation of any kind or causing a general public nuisance. Most arrests for loitering have been proven to be unconstitutional. Hence the probable reason the Northampton cops left the self proclaimed attorney alone. Clearly told her that she could video tape but had to be out of the road.

  • medic3

    There was plenty that went on BEFORE the video was started. At least 4-5 minutes before the video started. Mob mentality is dangerous. Extremely dangerous. Mob mentality of a bunch of drunks is more dangerous. Police officers want to go home at the end of the shift. The suspect is lucky all get got was maced and not tazed or shot.
    That drunken attorney, initials RR, well known in the NoHo area as a complete incompetent tool, should be charged with inciting a riot. As an officer of the court, that’s about as unprofessional as it gets.

    • alpinequeen

      Thank you for your informative, well written input.