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Springfield Police Locate Missing Teen


SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) — Police have located a city teen that went missing last week.

16-year-old Amber Fairbanks had not been seen since March 25.

Investigators were concerned because Fairbanks takes medications and had been without them for several days, and may have been in need of medical attention.

Thursday afternoon, Springfield Police Sgt. David Kane says that Fairbanks was located and is safe.

  • alpinequeen

    There’s too many kids on too many meds…

  • ashley marie

    Really lady this girl is missing her parents are scared for her life and your complaining about kids on meds she could have a serious problem and needs them to keep her from being sick get your head out of your ass you ignorant fuckass…i pray for her and her family that they find her<3

  • mmorgan773

    To alpinequeen this is amber’s aunt. Amber has a serious medical condition that if she doesn’t get or take her meds she can die. Thank you very much. She is currently in the hospital getting the meds she needs and NO SHE’S NOT ON THEM FOR NO REASON. don’t make accusations if you don’t know the facts. THANK YOU. we are happy she is found safe and getting what she needs

    • alpinequeen

      I’m glad she is okay, but why did she go missing and why was she without her meds if she has such a life threatening condition?

  • mmorgan773

    She’s a teenager. You try and figure out what goes on in a teenager’s head you tell me. She knows she has to take them but like i said she’s a teenager that knows it all

    • alpinequeen

      It’s too bad the people who love her were caused such unnecessary worry.

  • mmorgan773

    Well like i said she’s a teenager but the most important thing is she’s safe and getting what she needs. But comments like what you said is WRONG

    • alpinequeen

      First of all, I made a general comment about too many kids being on too many meds, some of which are unnecessary. And secondly, I made a comment that it was good she’s okay. So thirdly, you seem to be out for some kind of revenge or satisfaction. Who are you to judge comments made here?

  • mmorgan773

    Im not but who are you to make comments like you did when u don’t know the facts. Yes i do agree that some kids are on unnecessary meds but not my neice.

  • chance68

    I’m thinking we have yet another thoughtless teen just thinking about herself and her pleasures and not giving one hoot about the people who really love her. Just my thoughts..

  • my3boys

    To ambers aunt I’m really glad they going her ignore these people they got nothing better to do they obviously didn’t ever go through being a ten I know I gave my mom the time of her life and didn’t care doesn’t mean I’m our I was just thinking about me your still a kid which means you want wat u want when u want it and its none of anyones business where she was but her families.again I’m do happy she’s ok

  • JustMel

    How About alpinequeen Just minds her own buisness every dam news page yours commenting but dam it is not YOUR place to ask WHY She Left WHY She Is On Meds And Even If It Wasn’t A Condition We All Have Our Own Opinion . Jeesh I Thought They Were Kidding When They Said You Use This As Your Own Personal Soap Opera Gossip Chat Guess Not . Why Don’t You Stop Being Negative State Your Opinion On Crap Needed Like Welfare Crap Not On Ppls Lives I Don’t Even Talk Crap To Drug Dealers I Follow There Story And Call Me Ignorant , If You Like You Haven’t A Clue What Line Of Work I’m In . As I Was Saying I Follow A Story And Judge It By Evidence Unlike Most By Race Or Oh He Sold Drugs Or That One Killed A Baby No Wrong . Cut It Out . You Must Be Really Dam Bored And Miserable . You Wanna Do Some Community Service , Really Cause You Need To Get Out Of Peoples Buisness . One Day You Will Say The Wrong Thing And Someone Will Have Your Name Traced To Your I.p. Address . So Word Of Advise Be Careful And Again I’m Not Being Rude You Haven’t A CLUE MY LINE OF WORK SO I’M ADVISING YOU NOT TO COME AT ME LIKE YOU COME AT EVERYONE ELSE THINKING YOU RUN THIS SITE ITS GETTING OLD !

    • alpinequeen

      Once again, I made a general statement about too many kids being prescribed unnecessary medications. I provided a link to back up my statement. I did not make a specific reference to the person in the original article. It seems you people are the ones getting all worked up. So here’s another link for you and your friends. I suggest you read and try to understand it.


  • The truth

    Heh queen just shut the f up. You don’t know when to stop…

    • alpinequeen

      Now it’s your turn, eh? How gauche you are, but you’re not the boss of me.

  • anonymous777

    Damm…pwned! Lulzzzzz