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New Campaign Combats Sexual Assaults

imagesAMHERST, Mass. (wggb) — It’s a story that’s all too familiar on college and university campuses across the nation. And most recently sexual assaults have been a hot topic in the five college area. But today the Northwestern District Attorney’s office unveiled a campaign to end the assaults.

The release of today’s campaign was the result of hard work by the Northwestern DA’s office and area college students. The goal, to make the public service announcements more realistic. And their research leading up to the campaign revealed some startling truths.

DA’s Prosecutor Liaison Susan Loehn, “One of the issues that came out is, there’s a lot of confusion on the part of young men about what is sexual assault and what is consensual sex. And so that’s why we came up with our logo that Consent is the difference between sex and rape.”

But this campaign is just the beginning according to the DA’s office most sexual assaults will happen between a students first and second year of college. A statistic that means perhaps sexual assault awareness should be part of every students orientation.

“We would love to do that and so would the other rape crisis centers in the area. They would love to be part of orientation and just let students know that first of all it happens on your campus, and every campus in the five college area,” explained Loehn.

DA David Sullivan agrees saying that this campaign will start the conversation, next they need what he calls an action plan.

“I think we need a full coalition of students, college leaders and community leaders like myself that say that sexual assault ends, that it’s not tolerable, it’s a culture of disrespect and it’s a crime, ” said Sullivan.

Sullivan hopes that by the year 2020 no college student will experience a sexual assault on campus.



  • jeremy84

    Wow, college students not knowing the difference between sex and rape? Hard to believe these people will be our future leaders

  • alpinequeen

    Plan B pills, condoms and DFSA, oh my! What a message we are sending to young people! Tsk, tsk, tsk.