Tyco: No Proof Lilly Thieves Used Security Report in Enfield Heist

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HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Lawyers for a security company being sued in the theft of $60 million worth of pharmaceuticals from an Eli Lilly and Co. warehouse in Connecticut say there’s no proof the thieves used a report it prepared about security weaknesses in the building.

Attorneys for Tyco Integrated Systems LLC said in documents filed in federal court in Hartford last Thursday that Indianapolis-based Eli Lilly’s insurer, National Union Fire Insurance Co., offered no evidence in its lawsuit that the suspects used the 2010 report.

Brothers Amaury and Amed Villa of Miami have pleaded not guilty to federal theft and conspiracy charges in the March 2010 heist.

The insurance company claims the suspects used a security report prepared a month before the heist by Tyco, formerly known as ADT Security Services Inc.

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