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Lexington gun rally barred after Marathon bombings

guns and American flagLEXINGTON, Mass. (AP) — Dozens of advocates have tried to rally for gun rights in Lexington despite a ban on public gatherings imposed by local officials following the Boston Marathon bombings.

The Boston Globe reports that Lexington Police Chief Mark Corr said several groups, ranging in number from eight to 80, came to the town Friday morning for a Second Amendment rally that had earlier been permitted for the Battle Green.

The town’s Board of Selectmen temporarily suspended permits Tuesday on the Lexington Battle Green. Corr said the town consulted federal authorities and state police who agreed that postponing the rally was proper.

Lexington Selectman Norm Cohen said the board acted in the interest of public safety.

Corr said police allowed advocates to briefly assemble in front of Lexington’s visitor center and briefly speak.

  • kobekhan

    Terrorists win..Free Speech loses.