Meet Forest Park Zoo’s New Lion Friend: Sampson

SPRINGFIELD, Mass (WGGB) – The Forest Park Zoo welcomes a new friend, Sampson the Lion. This cub is only five weeks old and about 20 pounds.

Sampson was born at a zoo out of state into a large litter.  To give him some undivided attention, Forest Park Zookeepers are babysitting through the summer.

“He’s just like a regular kitten. He gets into mischief, goes underneath blankets, counters and whatever he can find. He’s pretty cute,” says Zookeeper Kim Madrak.

With living under the care of professionals, Sampson is fed healthy and kept safe.  “In the wild, they live about 14 years, in captivity they can live for over 20 years,” Madrak adds.

In about four years, Sampson will be fully grown, about 550 pounds.

This little guy’s teeth are already getting sharp, and claws long, but not to worry, he is very friendly to his visitors. 

Today, students from Langford Elementary School in East Hartford, Conn. enjoyed his company.

“When they put it out of the cage I was like oh wow, it’s so cute!” said student Reina Pleitz.

Sampson will be at the Forest Park Zoo through the summer for all to enjoy.

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  • Misses_ES

    “In the wild bears live about 14 years, in captivity they can life over 20 years”… I thought this article was about Sampson the Lion? And its live* over 20 years not LIFE. You should hire me as editor lol…jk

  • 3stoogesmom

    Whoever writes these articles really needs to proofread them. Spell check alone won’t save you from sounding unprofessional. It’s nice to have that added data about bears in this lion cub story, too.

  • Misses_ES

    Lol @3stoogesmom I think their editor is on vacation or something. I gave up correcting their common sense errors 3 articles ago smh.

  • bagpip

    First, this is SPRINGFIELD, and they better have 24/7 armed guards watching over this little guy, because you know some dipstick is going to vandalize and harm him after seeing this.
    Next on errors, this site is not unique. I see it everyday on other sites too. It seems todays reporters have better things to do than proof reading their articles.

  • bagpip

    Nice if they included hours, and cost to get in, if any.
    Is there any chance this guy or others are being considered for being retrained to go back to the wild? It is truly sad to see such a wonderful cat caged up.