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Northampton Solid Waste Director Arraigned on Drug Charges

(ABC40 File Photo)

(ABC40 File Photo)

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WGGB) — Northampton’s Director of Solid Waste has been arraigned on drug charges.

56-year-old Karen Bouquillon of Montgomery was arrested Sunday in Northampton on five counts of possession of a Class E susbstance, operating under the influence, possession of a firearm without an FID card, and several other charges.

Bouquillon is Northampton’s solid waste director.

The Daily Hampshire Gazette reports that Bouquillon’s arrest came Sunday night after officers responded to a report of an accident on Hatfield Street.

According to court papers and police records obtained by the paper, officers allegedly found several prescription drugs in her car, for which Bouquillon did not a prescription.

Bouquillon also reportedly had a can of pepper spray in the car, but does not hold a proper firearms identification card for the item.

The arrest occurred just one day after several area cities and towns participated in National Drug Take-Back Day. Mary Carey, spokesperson for Northwestern District Attorney David Sullivan, says that Bouquillon has worked at such days in the past, but has not yet been able to confirm whether Bouquillon was involved in this year’s event.

Bouquillon, who pleaded not guilty in court Monday, was released on her personal recognizance and is due back in court on June 7.

  • Mjmedina

    JUST GREAT! Bring in old & unused medications to avoid teens and children from taking them, but the Director of solid waste is getting wasted with all the medicationd brought in.LOL NICE! JUST PERFECT! MAYBE NEXT TIME I’LL VOLUNTEER & MAKR COUPLE OF BUCKS OFF IT. JAJAJAJ!

  • Mjmedina


  • dave629

    I see no problem with those perscriptions. Why waste expensive meds?? Those turned in should be listed publically for reuse as req’d. As far as the pepperspray goes… its a bs charge. An fid for a non-firearm is just a revenue producer. Fhack em. Cut her loose.

  • Dan

    Having known Karen for a very long time, I can assure you that she is not addicted to prescription drugs and would never risk her career over something like that. She works with DEA agents at these events (and has many times in the past). Seems to me this is being blown out of proportion or entirely falsified. Noting the differences among the various reports out there: The Gazette reported possession of a class B substance, Mass Live has her age wrong, ABC40 can’t pronounce her name and claims 5 counts of E class possession…if you can’t get facts straight, then they shouldn’t be printed or aired.