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Police Investigate Fatal Accident in Brimfield


BRIMFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) — Police are investigating a deadly single-vehicle crash in Brimfield that occurred late this afternoon on Route 20.

Emergency personnel were notified of the accident at 4:30 p.m. today.

According to Brimfield Police Chief Charles Kuss, a 79-year-old Brimfield man was transported from the scene of the crash to Wing Memorial Hospital in Palmer where he was pronounced dead.

The vehicle he was driving, a 2005 Mercury, was headed eastbound on Route 20 which is also known as Palmer Road.

Chief Kuss told ABC40, “The vehicle was traveling in the left lane of the two eastbound lanes.  He drifted into the median, over-corrected to get out of the median, and went back onto the roadway.  And then he over-corrected again to get control of the car. (That’s when) he lost control of the car and it started to rotate counter clockwise.  The median there is an embankment, westbound lanes are about 20 feet or more higher.  He lost control and spun.  He went back up onto the embankment.  He (crashed) into the guardrail of the westbound lanes and then the car flipped back over and landed upright, but pointing in the wrong direction.”

Police say it appears the man was not wearing a seat belt when the accident occurred.  He was found partially ejected from the vehicle when emergency responders arrived.

Chief Kuss adds that there’s nothing at the scene that would indicate speed was a factor or that there was some kind of mechanical problem.  He also mentioned that there was a witness to the crash who reportedly did not see any animal jump out in front of the vehicle or anything along those lines.

Police are not releasing the man’s name yet as they are still trying to notify his family.

The State Police Reconstruction Team is helping the Brimfield Police Department investigate this crash.


  • bagpip

    This is a perfect example of why we should wear seat belts. It appears by the pic and video to be a very survivable accident, since the drivers interior cabin is intact and not crushed. I don’t see air bag in the car, which is another thing that could have saved a life. Very sad either way.